Living sustainably is about making choices that have less of an impact on the environment and human livelihoods.
Reviewing the skincare and beauty products we use is one of the easiest sustainable swaps we can make. With this in mind, Between Me & You offer a sustainable skincare range that is kind to you and kind to the planet.

best reusable makeup remover pads


We’ve been taught that recycling is key, but reusing products is a better alternative. 
Without compromising on style or quality, the entire BM&Y sustainable skincare range can be reused hundreds of times. Not only does this avoid waste it will save you money too!

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BM&Y skincare collection contains items that are reusable, recyclable and/or biodegradable. 

Our boxes, bags and stickers are 100% recyclable and use only FSC certified paper which has been responsibly sourced and supports sustainable forests

Our body and face oil collections  use recyclable glass with aluminium lids – the most eco-friendly skincare packaging due to their high recycling rates.

Our smooth skin collections contain natural sisal which is biodegradable and can both be placed in food waste or compost bins.

BM&Y sustainable skincare selection


The less we throw away; the less we recycle; the better it is for the planet. Recycling is key - but  still uses up valuable resources. Our skincare range is zero waste offering items that are both reusable and multi-functional.

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Our entire skincare range is effective, natural and simple to use. What’s more each item can be used with your existing skincare products.
For us, skincare = selfcare and our range is suitable for everyone

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Feature Collections

For our feature collections, we choose to partner with manufacturers and independent makers who are aligned with our vision and invested in reducing their environmental impact. Shop the feature range below.

Find  Nudge Boutique – in our Radiant Skin Body Duo

Find  Fetcha luxury vegan chocolates in our Indulgent skincare collection

Find Mr Ames Organic Tea in our Relaxing well being collection

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