mixed race couple in the woods

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Between Me and You Luxury Skincare is a zero waste – plant based brand.
Founded in 2020it is the brainchild of Oxfordshire (UK) based couple Neil and Alicia. 

mixed race couple in the woods

Sustainable luxury is the future… It is not an eco-friendly product seeking a premium image, instead, it is a luxury product with sustainable values.

Our brand started with a simple decision to replace disposable cotton pads.
As a family we threw away so many of these single use products and decided to make a change. But early into our search, we realized that other eco-friendly alternatives were poor quality and didn’t have a luxurious feel.”

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ultra soft white reusable Bamboo Cotton Makeup Remover Pads
Deluxe Collection

Little Cloud Puffs

“Our thought is that everyone should be taking time for themselves – be it a brief facial cleanse at the end of the day. Me time is precious. Therefore, adding an element of luxury to skincare enhances a person’s self-care experience. 

And so BM&Y’s flagship reusable cleansing pads were born! Made from sumptuous organic bamboo cotton; ultra soft – with unique cushioning. BM&Y reusable cleansing pads are likened to “little cloud puffs.”

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The less we throw away, the less we recycle, the better it is for the planet

The entire BM&Y skincare range is zero waste – with products that are reusable, recyclable and/or biodegradable.

The brand’s core values are to offer quality, effective and sustainable skincare that is accessible to everyone at affordable prices. 

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With BM&Y, zero waste skincare doesn’t need to cost a pretty penny, nor do we compromise on quality or style! The range includes eco-friendly accessories, body care and gift sets for any occassion.