our best reusable cleansing pads

BM&Y flagship reusable cleansing pads are by no means standard! Our plump organic cotton rounds are often likened to “little puffs of cloud.” Read on to discover why we believe these are the best reusable cleansing pads around.

eco-friendly skincare

Disposable, single use makeup remover pads contribute to unnecessary daily waste that overflows landfill. Continually manufacturing these little cotton rounds also use up finite natural resources. The entire BM&Y skincare range is zero waste – with products that are reusable, recyclable and/or biodegradable.



Dual Action Cleansing system

Ultra Soft Bamboo Velour Fabric

Good for use with toners and makeup application

Cleanse, tone and care for the most precious skin. 
The ultra soft cleansing pads are lint and irritant free – perfect for those who suffer with eczema, sensitive or allergy-prone skin.

Textured Bamboo Terry Fabric

Good for gentle exfoliation

Tiny threads work hard to massage debris out of clogged pores in order to reduce blemishes and remove dead skin cells. With regular use your skin will appear smoother, brighter and more radiant. 

Untitled design

Unique sponge cushioning

Our reusable pads are cushioned between a layer of organic sponge which ensures there is no drag or pull when used on delicate areas such as your eyes. 

This layer of sponge helps the pads to retain their shape – wash after wash. So not only will they continue to deliver great results, they will continue to look good too.

Tailored fabric seams

A unique tailored fabric seam ensures BM&Y cleansing  pads retain their shape and never fray. Durable, they can be washed and reused hundreds times before replacement is required.


A Sustainable Material

BM&Y reusable cleansing pads are made from bamboo fabric – a natural textile made from the pulp of bamboo grass.

Bamboo used to produce fabrics is sustainably grown crop requiring no irrigation or chemical fertilizers. 


Bamboo cotton feels softer than silk, making it one of the most comfortable materials to use against your skin


Other natural fibres such as hemp or wool have been known to cause allergic reactions. Bamboo cotton is suitable for the most delicate of skins – without causing irritation.

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