Living sustainably means making choices that have less of an impact on the environment and human livelihoods.
Between Me & You Skincare accessories are made from sustainable materials that are natural, zero waste, responsibly sourced and cruelty free.



5 Reasons we use bamboo

  1. No irrigation or chemical fertilizers are required in order to grow
  2. Antibacterial properties
  3. It helps to reduce the greenhouse effect by releasing more oxygen into the environment than other plants
  4. Biodegradable and quick to decompose
  5. Hypoallergenic and free of irritants – ideal for those  with eczema, sensitive or allergy-prone skin

Discover the Bamboo Range

- Alternative to disposable cotton pads - Money Saving - BM&Y cushioned pads are the best for comfort - Use with your favorite cleanser or toner - Get softer with every wash
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Reusable Cleansing Pads

Energy boosting by stimulating blood flow and circulation - Smoother skin. Removes dead skin cells improving the overall texture Gentle exfoliating action restores fresh new cells - brightening the skin
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Dry Body Brush

-Use to apply & remove makeup - Use to touch up nail polish - Gently cleanses and dry between baby's fingers, toes and around the eyes - Can also be used to apply cream to blemishes.
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Cotton Buds

Replace shower gel bottles with soap bars Slime: Avoids soaps resting in a soggy slimy mess - Keeps your bathroom counter or sink neat and tidy. - Travel friendly: perfect use for at home or away
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Drying Rack

The best ALTERNATIVE to disposable cotton pads - CUSHIONED for comfort - MONEY SAVING - Use with your favorite cleanser or toner - SOFTER with every wash
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Reusable Cleansing Pads

Use to apply & remove makeup - Use to touch up nail polish - Use to apply cream to blemishes.
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Cotton Buds


Our natural soap bag, body sponges and dry brush bristles are sustainable skincare accessories made using all-natural sisal agave. Sisal fiber is extracted from the leaves of the agave plant making it plastic free and completely biodegradable. Our sisal accessories are suitable for sensitive skin as they are non toxic making them safe for your skin and the environment


Sisal Agave Plant

Gentle exfoliation for the body - Increases soap lather - Avoids wastage - merging soap bar remains
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Sisal Soap Bag

Experience smooth skin with this cushioned alternative to a sisal soap bag providing added comfort during bath-times
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Sisal Body Sponge


BM&Y Konjac sponges are natural, plant-based and plastic free. With no chemicals or additives they are suitable for sensitive skin types and gentle enough for daily use. What’s more, when done simply pop them into your food waste or compost bin

Natural Konjac Sponge

Gentle cleansing for sensitive skin - Increases skin radiance - 100% biodegradable
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Gentle Facial Cleansing


Lavendar is a relaxing scent perfect to use just before bed. Fresh lavender springs with their calming aroma – add a sensorial layer to our Relaxation Collection

Natural Lavendar

Anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and detoxifying benefits, - Helps to soothe and calm
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Well-Being Collection

Essential Oils

The Between Me and You range includes a selection of cruelty-free, responsibly sourced soap bars. Each one packed with hydrating, nourishing and rejuvenating essential oils.

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A hydrating soap bar ideal for dry and maturing skin. Enriched with rosehip oil to help tone, firm and even the skin tone. Enjoy the delicate fragrance which aids with relaxation.
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Rosehip Soap Bar

A rejuvenating soap bar suitable for sensitive & blemish prone skin. Enriched with green tea extracts & olive oil to soothe, smooth and improve the skin's texture
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Green Tea Soap Bar

Activated charcoal effectively cleanses the skin, unclogs pores, removes impurities and dead skin cells resulting in a radiant glow.
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Charcoal Soap Bar

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Between Me & You core values are to offer quality, sustainability and effective skincare that is accessible to everyone at affordable prices.

Read on to discover how to use and care for  your sustainable skincare collections


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