How To Use BM&Y Cleansing Pads

How To Use BM&Y Cleansing Pads

Have you ever wondered how reusable cleansing pads work?
It’s really very simple. Read on to find out how…

Used with cleanser

ultra soft white reusable Bamboo Cotton Makeup Remover Pads
Step 1: Choose your cleansing pad and then apply cleanser to your face
best reusable makeup remover pads
Step 2: Dampen your chosen pad with warm water. Squeeze out the excess
Step 3: Use the damp cleansing pad to remove the cleansing product
Step 4: Rinse pad after use and leave to air dry in a BM&Y bamboo rack

With Toner

Cleansing step 2


Step 1:
Dampen the Ultra Soft cleansing pad with warm water. Squeeze out the excess

Step 2:
Apply your chosen toner to the pad and gently sweep over your face

Step 3:
After use, rinse the cleansing pad with water and leave to dry

Removing Eye Makeup

Step 1:
Take your chosen BM&Y cleansing pad

Step 2:
Fold the cleansing pad in half

Step 3:
Dip the edge of the pad in either an oil or water-based makeup remover

Step 4:
Gently hold the corner of your eye taught and use the dampened pad edge to wipe liner away from your waterline or remove mascara from your lashes

BM&Y reusable cleansing pads are expertly crafted and have been designed to aid with targeted makeup removal.

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Additional Information

Reusable. Plastic free. Vegan friendly.

Textured reusable cleansing pads
These are woven with many protruding loops of organic bamboo thread which work hard to massage debris out of clogged pores, reduce blemishes and remove dead skin cells. Perfect for deep yet gentle exfoliation.

Tip: Use this cleansing pad DRY to apply setting powder or blusher

Ultra Soft reusable cleansing pads
These are super soft and great to use both morning and night for gentle yet effective cleansing and makeup removal. They’re hypo-allergenic and lint-free – perfect for the most delicate of skins.

Tip: Use this pad DRY to buff knees, elbows and hard to reach places before tanning

How To Keep BM&Y Reusable Cleansing Pads Clean

Have you ever wondered  how to keep your reusable makeup remover pads clean?

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