Radiant Skin Body Brush & Oil Duo


SMOOTHER, FIRMER & REJUVENATED skin can be yours with the BM&Y vegan friendly Body Brush & Oil Duo.

A simple step to add to your existing skincare routine our Dry Scrub Duo is more effective at erasing dimples and toning wobbly bits than lotions and potions alone.

The nourishing body oil will hydrate your skin leaving a radiant glow


– 1x Bamboo – Sisal Bristle – Vegan friendly dry body brush
– 1x Saffron Glow Dry Body oil 30ml

Why you’ll love this collection:

  • Our Dry Body Brush has a multitude of health benefits
  • Improves and stimulates circulation
  • Exfoliates dead skin cells
  • Enhances the absorption of body creams and serums
  • Helps to reduce cellulite dimples and tone wobbly bits
  • Can help to reduce stress

You won’t believe how good your skin will feel – after just one use!



Dry Body Brush
Diminishing cellulite isn’t the only amazing thing our dry body brush can do. Additional benefits include:
– Stimulating circulation
– Helping to reduce stress
– Exfoliation of dead skin cells
– Increased absorption of body creams and oils

You will feel revived – after just one use!

Nourishing Body Oil
– The luscious body oil is easily absorbed into the skin providing nourishment and hydrations to dry and sun damaged skin. Infused with Neroli and Vanilla for a beautifully scented experience – no synthetic fragrances were used in the creation of this beautiful oil

How to use the BM&Y Dry Body Brush:

Use on DRY skin only. The BM&Y Body brush takes just a few minutes each day. It’s a simple step to add to your existing skincare & beauty routine. Simply:

  1. Slip your fingers through the rope and firmly hold the ergonomic handle
  2. Starting at your feet, brush in circular motions – working your way up the body.
  3. Repeat this action over legs, chest, arms and back

NOTE: Avoid brushing sensitive areas. We recommend the BM&Y reusable makeup remover pads for gentle exfoliation and cleansing of your face and sensitive areas.

Product Specification:
Dry Body Brush:
Diameter 9 cm x height 6cm
Vegan friendly sisal bristles
Bamboo wood handles
Durable, Eco-Friendly, Plastic Free

Also available with available on Etsy.


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