Founded in 2020, Between Me and You is the brainchild of an Oxfordshire (UK) based couple, who truly believe in sustainable luxury, with a vision to grow as an eco-friendly brand.

“Shopping with an ethically-conscious hat on doesn’t need to cost a pretty penny, nor do you need to compromise on beautiful goods! We feel incredibly blessed to be able to offer wonderfully eco-organic, luxury, reusable textiles, with the added bonus of looking stunning, if we do say so ourselves.

Our ‘mother nature approved’ range of luxury cleansing textiles, has ‘Wonderous Bamboo’ at the heart of our brand – Super soft, durable, reusable and sustainably sourced, what’s not to love?”

So, who are the faces behind the name?

Between Me & You is a small, friendly family-run business, made up of other-halves Neil and Alicia. Neil refers to Alicia as ‘Tigger’, due to her boundless energy, excitability and optimism, while Alicia affectionately nicknames Neil her ‘grand oak tree’ due to his towering height, wisdom and courage.

“We’re a lively bunch who laugh loud and work hard, but most importantly love and encourage one another. Between work, school, exercise (with the occasional 10K thrown in), picnics in the park and enjoying get-togethers with friends…we’re always on the move! And at the end of each day, there are mucky paws, icky faces and stubborn makeup all to be wiped away, which explains the creation of BM&Y. 


The name Between Me and You derives from two huge parts of our brand. Firstly, the business journey we have embarked on as a couple, but also the responsibility that we all share as residents of our beautiful planet. Between me and you (the ethically-minded shopper), we all have a responsibility to make good choices in our day-to-day lives for the benefit of our environment. 

If we all join forces, anything is possible!

The BM&Y Difference

BM&Y Reusable Bamboo Cotton Pads are by no means standard. With a layer of organic sponge, for added softness and a luxurious feel………….read more 

BM&Y Difference
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