Deluxe Reusable Makeup Remover Pads & Drying Rack


BM&Y Reusable Makeup Remover Pads With Bamboo Drying Rack | Dual Action Bamboo Cleansing Rounds | Suitable For All Skin Types丨Eco-Friendly And Organic

  • Ultra-soft – Bamboo Velour pads gently cleanse, tone and care for your skin
  • Textured – Bamboo Terry pads remove your makeup, exfoliate and give you more radiant skin
  • Luxurious – The finest organic pads give an added touch of unrivalled luxury for your body and face
  • Cushioned – A layer of organic sponge delivers the ultimate spa like experience for you at home
  • Natural Bamboo Drying Rack – A stylish and practical addition to your home

Expertly Crafted – Uniquely tailored fabric seams ensure the pads never fray and retain their sleek stylish shape

Perfect Gift Idea – BM&Y makeup remover pads make an amazing gift for anyone looking for a more environmentally conscious way to care for their skin

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100% Natural

AVOID THE WASTE GENERATING SINGLE-USE MAKEUP PADS… Choose BM&Y Reusable Bamboo Cotton Pads With Bamboo Drying Rack

16 Reusable Cotton Pads With 2 different Textures for Easy and Effective Makeup Removal and Skin Rejuvenation, with Bamboo Drying Rack

• Use the Bamboo Terry Pads to effectively remove make-up, dirt, and oil and gently exfoliate the skin for smooth, bright, and radiant skin.
• The ULTRASOFT Bamboo Cotton Pad with a feel of cashmere will cleanse, tone and care your delicate skin.

Dry, sensitive, or oily skin? No problem! With 2 different types of pads, these reusable make up pads are silky and gentle enough for the most sensitive skin yet well textured enough for the toughest makeup. Simply use, then machine or hand wash and place them to air dry in the bamboo drying rack. Fabulous! Reuse reuse reuse.

Luxurious Natural Reusable – Never Compromise on Quality!

Made with your skin and planet in mind, our eco-friendly makeup pads are crafted with a natural blend of 70% bamboo and 30% cotton fibre with organic sponge cushioning for supreme comfort and a tailored fabric seam that ensure the pads will NEVER fray or lose their shape even with repeated washing.

Be True to Nature

The single use and throw-away culture pose a great threat to our environment and it’s time to change our habits towards eco-friendly products.

Using BM&Y reusable facial pads is a great way to start. BIODEGRADABLE and REUSABLE, our natural bamboo cotton cleansing pads help you reduce environmental waste and the amount you spend on your skincare regime.

Why choose BM&Y?

At BM& Y we believe Sustainable Luxury needn’t cost the planet. We aim to provide sustainable products that are kind to our planet without compromising quality, experience and style.

What You Get:

• 12x Ultra Soft Bamboo Velour Pads

• 4x Textured Bamboo Cotton Pads

• 1x Mesh Laundry Bag

• 1x 100% Organic Cotton Storage Case

• 1x Bamboo Drying Rack

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