Bamboo Cotton Reusable Pads 18 Piece Collection

Luxurious – The finest organic pads give an added touch of unrivalled luxury.   Cushioned – A layer of organic sponge delivers the ultimate spa like experience Dual Action Cleansing System 
  • Ultra-soft – Bamboo Velour pads gently cleanse, tone and care for the most precious skin
  • Textured – Bamboo Terry pads remove makeup, exfoliate and reveal more radiant skin
Expertly Crafted – Uniquely tailored fabric seams ensure the pads never fray and retain their sleek stylish shape Perfect Gift Idea – BM&Y makeup remover pads make an amazing gift for anyone looking for a more environmentally conscious way to care for their skin

Good for you

The BM&Y beauty set comes with two types of cotton pad. 12 ultra-soft bamboo cotton pads, and 4 textured padsEvery pad has two layers of the  bamboo cotton cushioned by a layer of organic sponge. This ensures each pad delivers a feeling of exceptional comfort.

BM&Y Ultra-Soft Cotton Pads: Perfect to cleanse, tone and care for the most precious skin. The ultra soft bamboo velour pads feel like cashmere. BM&Y ultra-soft pads are lint and irritant free – perfect for those who suffer with eczema, sensitive or allergy-prone skin.

BM&Y Textured Cotton Pads:  Are woven with many protruding loops of organic bamboo thread, which results in exceptional cleaning for hard to remove makeup and exfoliation. These tiny threads work hard to massage debris out of clogged pores in order to reduce blemishes and remove dead skin cells.

Good for the planet

Unlike traditional cotton pads, BM&Y cotton pads are reusable. They can be hand washed or put into the washing machine.  This means less waste, less landfill, less wasted resources, and lower carbon emissions. 

Our cotton pads are made from sustainable bamboo, and bamboo is thought to release up to 30% more oxygen into the environment and absorb more carbon dioxide than other plants, lowering the amount of greenhouse gases in and cleans the air. Bamboo products are also biodegradable and decompose quickly with minimal damage to the environment.

Good for you pocket

BM&Y cleansing pads are simple to keep clean. Place the used pads in the mesh laundry bag and machine-wash on a gentle cycle, or hand wash if you prefer. 

They’re also made to last. BM&Y signature bamboo cleansing pads are manufactured to the highest quality. Every cushioned pad has a unique tailored fabric seam. This ensures our pads never fray and retain their sleek and stylish shape wash after wash, so they’re great to use and look good too. 

The BM&Y Difference

BM&Y Reusable Bamboo Cotton Pads are made to the highest quality standards, with some unique features that make them stand out from our competitors.  Two layers of luxurious cotton are cushioned by a layer of organic sponge. 

This triple layer effect delivers a feeling of exceptional comfort when used.  Every cushioned pad has a unique tailored fabric seam which ensures that they never fray and retain their sleek and stylish and shape wash after wash. . With BM&Y enjoy a spa like experience every day in the comfort of your own home………………………..


Mother Nature Approved