What’s in the box

BM&Y bamboo pads are compact & convenient – perfect for use at home and while travelling. Measuring 8 cm wide each pad fits perfectly into the palm of your hand. Our durable double layered cushioned pads have a unique 70% bamboo and 30% cotton blend.

The BM&Y Dual Action Cleansing Set is an 18 piece collection including:16 Reusable Cotton Pads with 2 different textures 

  • 12 Ultra Soft Bamboo Velour pads with a natural sheen similar to that of silk. Perfect to cleanse, tone and care for the most precious skin  
  • 4 Textured Bamboo Cotton pads offer exceptional cleaning for hard to remove makeup, deep cleansing and exfoliation for better looking skin
  • 1 Mesh Laundry bag
  • 1 100% Organic Cotton Storage Case

The BM&Y Difference

BM&Y reusable bamboo cotton pads are made to last and with comfort in mind. They have features which we believe are unique. Features which make them easy and pleasurable to use.

Whether you’re using an ultra-soft pad to gently remove makeup or a textured pad to deeply cleanse your skin, you will find it  cushioned by a layer of organic sponge. This ensures each pad delivers a feeling of exceptional comfort.

Luxury Bamboo Collection

Luxurious – The finest organic pads give an added touch of unrivalled luxury.  

Cushioned – A layer of organic sponge delivers the ultimate spa like experience

Dual Action Cleansing System 

    • Ultra-soft – Bamboo Velour pads gently cleanse, tone and care for the most precious skin
    • Textured – Bamboo Terry pads remove makeup, exfoliate and reveal more radiant skin

Using Bamboo Cotton Pads

Bamboo Cotton Cleansing Pads: Super soft bamboo velour cotton. Use both morning and night for gentle yet effective cleansing.

Bamboo velour cotton make up pads. Perfect for daily use. Dampen the ultra soft cleansing pad, squeeze and then gently wipe over your face to remove your regular cleanser.


Mother Nature Approved